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My Art - Hypernormalisation

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Hypernormalization - a world where the powers that be have given up on the complex "real world" and created a simple "fake world' run by corporations and complicit politicians. A BBC film by Adam Curtis ..


My Art draws inspiration from deep thinkers such as Curtis and D Attenbouroughs A Life On This Planet https://twitter.com/davidalife...

where he explores the way Sapiens (people) have impacted the Earths ecosystems through accelerated population growth, carbon emisions and de forrestation.

Jungle Room, is a complex collage of leafy plants and endangered animals, competing for the attention of the viewer. It is a "hypernormalized" room, a new reality created by me the Artist Corporation, stevo FIRM - where you the viewer is enticed into the decorative jungle motif room, whilst outside the mono culture of the palm oil plantation looms as a dystopian future.

I initially created the collage in photoshop, from  googled images from a variety of sources - a photo of palm plantations in Borneo, other artists paintings (altered)

for the animals; ads for a gas fireplace, a chainsaw and a plant;

an orangutan jungle wallpaper. With the exceptions being the couch design, for which I purchased a length of fabric from Spotlight and draped it over my own couch; and the table still life of some products which contain palm oil, that I happily opened and consumed for the sake of art!


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